Congratulations! TUNA won the first prize of Shaoxing Excellent QC Team in 2020!

2020-07-09 14:49:23


A few days ago, TUNA won the honorary certificate jointly issued by Shaoxing Standardization Research Institute and Shaoxing Quality Association-the first prize of Shaoxing Excellent QC Team Activity in 2020. 

It is reported that there were more than 200 projects participating in this QC achievement appraisal, involving various industries, and the competition was extremely fierce.  The achievements of the “Enhancing the Qualification Rate of High-Porous Catalyst Products” activity of the Honeycomb Catalyst QC Group of the Detron Environmental Equipment Manufacturing Business Division stood out among all the projects with outstanding performances and won the first prize of Shaoxing Excellent QC Group Activity Results.  The award of this award not only represents the recognition of relevant CQ activities by the relevant authoritative units, but also a major performance optimization of its own production process.


TUNA has always adhered to high quality, high standards, and high requirements. Since its establishment, it has continued to innovate and optimise product technology.  In 2016, it won the Quality Award of Paojiang Development Zone; in 2017, it won the first prize, second prize, third prize of Shaoxing QC outstanding group activities, and the second prize of Zhejiang QC outstanding achievements; in 2018, it won the Shaoxing QC outstanding group activities  Achieved first prize, second prize, third prize; Shaoxing Mayor Quality Award in 2019; Shaoxing QC outstanding group activity achieved first prize and third prize in 2020.