Won the title of " Demonstration enterprise of annual college graduates gathering model in 2018" in Shaoxing

2020-05-08 11:12:44

Director Yang of Shaoxing City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau visited our company on April 26, 2020,and awarded our company the title of "2018 Demonstration Enterprise of College Graduates Agglomeration" in Shaoxing City, and held a licensing ceremony.

第六篇:半岛·综合体育官网荣获绍兴市“2018年度高校毕业生集聚示范企业” 称号.jpg

The Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau launched the selection and identification of college graduate agglomeration demonstration enterprises in 2019. After self-evaluation, independent declaration, receipt review, expert review, and online publicity, 29 units were finally selected for college graduate agglomeration  Demonstration enterprises (of which only 5 enterprises in Yuecheng District were selected), Zhejiang Tuna Environmental Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. is among the best!

The title of "Demonstration Enterprise for College Graduates" is the recognition of our company's talent development planning, talent introduction, development, training, incentives, and use mechanism. Our company will continue to expand domestic and foreign channels for talent introduction, continuous to develop a talent evaluation mechanism that meets the needs of development and become a model in the sector.