Dry Dust Remover Technology



一、I Flue gas waste-heat recovery low-low temperature saving coal ESP technology


Working Principle


       It is the technology to place the heat exchanger (MGGH) after boiler air pre-heater and before the inlet of electric precipitator. By leading condensate water to MGGH, we can make it heat exchanging with hot flue gas from boiler. By doing this, the running temperature can be dropped to around 90 ~ 100℃. It can maximize the property of flue gas treatment and recycling condensate water by rising its temperature.


Technique flow chart



Major component:


     Heat transfer ( finned coil pipe module), shell, the water system, soot blower system, controlling system and so on.


 Features of technology


二、Roasting electrode type electrostatic precipitator


Working principle


     It has a movable electrode that is composed by movable dust collection pole plate, fixed discharge electrode and rotary soot cleaning brush. This is a dust remover that can move the plate and dust to a ash bucket when the thickness of the collected dust are not capable to formed the back corona. Then the plate will be cleaned by a rotary brush and by doing this, the plate can be remain to a clean state.



Major component :


     Inlet smoke box, movable plate electrode, movable electrode deashing device, pole actuating device, cathode system, cathode rapping apparatus, shell, outlet smoke box and so on.


Schematic diagram and features of structure